I work to position Data and AI at the core of business and operations aiming to deliver value to customers and society.

I am a Solution architect and research leader with client-face experience, working to place Data and AI at the core of business and operations.

I am working with IBM in projects around Data, IoT, and Enterprise AI. I am a former Director of Research with Samsung were I promoted a research agenda around Human-centred IoT and Intelligent Mobile Services., and coordinated the project "Evolution of Digital Education".

I hold a PhD in Computer Sciences from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from UFSC, Brazil.


My research is motivated by the following overreaching question:

​How can we create mechanisms to understand, anticipate, and promote the disruption of Enterprise AI and its effects on how corporations think, work, and collaborate?

I believe the challenges of disruptive innovation around Enterprise's intelligence and collaboration will demand new ways to understand the multi-agent knowledge flows, and AI-centric operational model. This involves new architecture design and methods to promote collaboration and integration. 

Research areas: Enterprise AI, Collective Intelligence, Social Computing, Distributed Computing.

Awards & Recognition
  • Eisenhower Fellowship (2016-)

  • Endeavour Executive Fellowship (2015) 

  • ACM Distinguished Speaker (2014-19)

  • Honorary Senior Fellow, The University of Melbourne (2013-19)

  • CNPq Productivity Award (2013-16)

  • IEEE Senior Member (2015-)

  • ACM Senior Member (2014-)


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