About Me

I work to position Data and AI at the core of business and operations aiming to deliver value to customers and society.

I am an IBM Data & AI Solution Architect and Master Inventor working on strategic projects around AI Factory, Data Fabric, Data Intelligence, Trustworthy AI, and Green AI. 

I have 25+ years mixed industry-academic experience previously working as Director of Research with Samsung, Research Lead with IBM Research, Honorary Senior Fellow, Research Fellow at UniMelb, and Invited Professor at Korea University, and others. 

I hold a PhD in Computer Sciences obtained in 2009 with thesis around Distributed AI and Mobile Computing. 

Academic & Research

The integrating theme of my research is the construction of more adaptive, distributed, and intelligent information systems, able to support decision-making in complex settings, including reasoning machinery for systems that support complex behaviors. The leading topics are: 

  • Distributed Computing

  • Distributed AI

  • Social Computing

I have been looking into multi-agent technology for the enactment of Distributed AI, especially in scenarios like Distribute Cloud, Intent-Based Networking, and 5G-MEC. This also includes multi-agent simulations and synthetic data. 

From another point of view, AI for Social Good and Digital Education are topics I have worked in the past and still very dear to me.

Awards & Recognition
  • Eisenhower Fellowship (2016-)

  • Endeavour Executive Fellowship (2015) 

  • ACM Distinguished Speaker (2014-19)

  • Honorary Senior Fellow, The University of Melbourne (2013-19)

  • CNPq Productivity Award (2013-16)

  • IEEE Senior Member (2015-)

  • ACM Senior Member (2014-)